Wardrobe system LOFT

Modern wardrobe system LOFT made of aluminum profile and glass,
with the possibility of installing shelves and other hinged elements made of laminated chipboard,
or veneered/painted MDF

4 wardrobe systems in 4 colors
60 months warranty for the wardrobe system
Installation from the first time and without alterations
TheBest price in Europe
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Design project and calculation
cost FREE

How to do it?
Submit a floor plan of the area you are planning
place a dressing room, even in the form of drawings from the designer
or an architect, at least drawn with a pencil on a napkin 🙂

And further
LED backlight

The coolest trend in both interior and furniture production. In our dressing rooms it is possible to place the ice-light in different places…

Glass shelves

Modern tendencies

Organizers for accessories trimmed with soft leather

Watches, ties, belts, scarves… And under a transparent cover, but with ice-light! Usually when women see this in our showroom, they say wow…

Shoe storage solutions

Actually, you see the two most popular types of stationary “heel cases” – as we call them – which allow you to organize and streamline the storage of shoes.

FOUR wardrobe systems

No furniture manufacturer in Ukraine will offer you such a choice. FOUR wardrobe systems in 4 standard colors and 3 heights, with the possibility to use both laminated boards and glass for shelves.

Design versatility

Combining all four systems, we can easily build a room of absolutely any size, format, configuration, and any design requirements.

Design project and calculation
cost FREE

How to do it?
Submit a floor plan of the area you are planning
place a dressing room, even in the form of drawings from the designer
or an architect, even drawn with a pencil on a napkin

How we are working?

Do you need to design, manufacture and install a dressing room? It’s simple: you come to us – we do it.

Вы звоните или пишите нам
Вам нужна гардеробная комната, раздвижная перегородка или шкаф, и вы не знаете, с чего начать - позвоните или напишите нам, мы расскажем порядок действий и с чего начать.
Мы - рисуем проект и делаем расчёт стоимости
Собственно, если у вас есть размеры вашей гардеробной комнаты, или вы можете их сделать, пусть даже не очень точно, для начала работы нам этого будет достаточно. На основе этих размеров мы сделаем проект гардеробной, и рассчитаем стоимость.
Вносим правки
После того, как предварительный проект нарисован и посчитан, мы отправляем всю информацию Вам. Вы смотрите, задаёте нам вопросы, вносите правки. При внесении правок стоимость обычно меняется, чаще в сторону увеличения)
Утверждаем проект и заключаем договор
Мы закрепляем наши договоренности о ценах и сроках подписанием Договора, а графическую и техническую информацию излагаем в Приложении к Договору. В момент подписания Договора вы вносите частичную оплату.
Устанавливаем продукцию
Ближе к завершению срока, указанного в Договоре, мы привезем и установим долгожданную гардеробную или перегородку. Вы получаете удовольствие и рассчитываетесь за своевременно поставленную согласно условиям договора и нашим обещаниям продукцию.
You call or write to us

Do you need a dressing room, sliding partition or closet, and you do not know where to start – call or write to us, We’ll walk you through the steps and where to start.

You call or write to us
We draw the project and calculate the cost

If you have the dimensions of your dressing room, or you can do them, even if not very accurately, this will be enough for us to start working. Based on these dimensions, we will make a dressing room project and calculate the cost.

We draw the project and calculate the cost
Making edits

After the preliminary design is drawn and calculated, we send all the information to you. You watch, ask us questions, and make changes. When changes are made, the cost usually changes, more often upward)

Making edits
We approve the project and conclude a contract

we fix our agreements on prices and terms by signing the Agreement, and the graphic and technical information is set out in the Annex to the Agreement. At the time of signing the Agreement, you make a partial payment.

We approve the project and conclude a contract
We install products

Closer to the end of the period specified in the Agreement, we will bring and install the long-awaited dressing room or partition. You enjoy and pay for products delivered on time in accordance with the terms of the contract and our promises.

We install products
Answers to questions
Made in Ukraine

All elements of wardrobe systems, as well as the entire aluminum profile for wardrobe systems, are made in Kyiv at our enterprise.

Samples in the office

Samples of all four wardrobe systems are installed in our office

Products in stock

You do not risk with us, because we have several kilometers of aluminum profiles and several thousand components for wardrobe systems in stock.